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good source for support trees

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we are planning on planting swales with fruit trees and most likely will use Bob Wells Nursery for the fruit trees.
Does anyone know where one can purchase maybe 100-200 support trees (Autumn Olive, Russian olive, or similar) in the Dallas area?  I would think there would be some inexpensive option for those kind of trees.
Let me know if anyone has any sources.

I'm also looking for support tree's. Have you had any luck finding any

Pffft... I haven't called a single nursery in the surrounding four counties yet who've even heard of black locust.  I'm really trying to not pay shipping, but I may have to in the end...  :(

I know it ridiculous,  Ive called all the one's in the panhandle and they act like I'm crazy wanting to plant evasive species.   

Ive found out that I can get honey locust from our local conservation office seedling 25 for 45$


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