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2014-15 Deer Season Thread

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BamaPrepper, I am about 2 hours further east; I hunt in Elmore and Macon counties.

Archery season here was 6-30 Sep.  Saw lots of deer; even had a bunch within range.  Didn't shoot any because all the good shots were does with fawns.  Deer are on hiatus until tomorrow when rifle opens.  Hopefully I'll be in a stand by afternoon.

I've been out twice more and nothing...  >:(  Anyone having better luck?

Got deer #1 on Friday afternoon.  Took Sat off.  Deer #2 this morning.  Will post pic in successful hunting photos thread as soon as I have a chance to download.  Back out tomorrow to see if I can bag an elk.


Three day stretch of Doe season here in WV starts today.   I couldn't leave yesterday.   Taking half a day today and all day tomorrow.   Have to be on private land for this early 3-day stretch.   Going down to my buddy's cabin.   Wish me luck.


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