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Help with gear for quail hunting

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Remember, after dark, high deserts can get cold.



--- Quote from: Cedar on August 03, 2014, 09:33:42 PM ---Remember, after dark, high deserts can get cold.


--- End quote ---

Yeah, but we are most definitely not high desert.

May be obvious but:

Quail hunting in the desert southwest, especially around Tucson means hiking through cactus country and rocks.  Good boots that you have already broken in are the single most important item.  I prefer cotton socks most of the year in this country.  I save the wool for colder climates.  Good quality denim pants and a long sleeve light protective shirt are also a very good idea.  Get a canvas (100% cotton) vest as it will be much cooler,  make sure that it is a hunting pattern that has the game pouch in the back.  If you are hunting with people that you don't know make sure it is Orange not camo.  I also carry a pocket comb as the teddy bear chollas like to stick to you.  If you try to get them off with your hand or a stick they just keep changing attachment points on your body.  A comb can be slid under the Cholla joint so that you can flip the cactus off of you and away from your friends.  Also wear a good hat that shades your eyes.  Quail are good at slipping away from you if you lose sight of them in the glare. 

Thanks for the tips. I was planning on going to Sportsman's to look at a vest they showed online. Seems decent for the price and has the pouch in the back that my friend suggested.

And unfortunately I'm all to familiar with cholla cactus and will be ready for them.


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