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Since Jack took a vacation and got on a fishing kick post-Sanibel, I've been eating up the TSP fishing series.

Repeatedly throughout the series, he mentioned knowing your local fish & game regulations. It might be important to know them in other states as well. Then the idea fairy landed on my shoulder and said to create a thread where all of TSP could quickly look at the fishing regs for various states. So here goes #1:

Mississippi Fishing Rules & Regulations - As given by the Mississippi Outdoors Digest published by the MS Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, & Parks (MDWFP). Mississippi generally makes rules designed to enhance sporting activities with sensible protection of the game or people. Basically, the rules are written so as not to discourage sporting. As of 2014, here are the highlights:
You need a license, which you can get from MDWFP. In general, you can't fish with more than 100 hooks at a time, with some stronger restrictions in certain lakes. You can basically fish by any method you like except for poisons/explosives/electricity:

--- Quote ---Illegal Methods
It is unlawful to take any fish species by muddying and by the use of lime, poison, explosives, electrical devices, wire baskets, fish traps or dip net.  It is unlawful to take game fish with minnow seines for use as bait and to fail to return to the water any game fish taken by net, seine or other commercial fishing gear. It is unlawful for any person to fish any equipment in the waters of the sate of any size or type that is not allowed by the commission.
--- End quote ---
If you go to the link above, there is more detail about traditional/"unconventional" methods. You can run trot lines, yo-yos, limb lines, jugs, etc. except in state park lakes and a few other specific locations on some of the larger lakes for both game and non-game fish. Makes sense... don't want Sallie to snag a trot line while water skiing. You can only bowfish/spear/gig non-game fish, with a few tighter limitations on when/where you can do that to catfish.

There are also generous bag (or "creel" in MS) limits. As of 2014, Mississippi Creel Limits gives the detailed limits and more stringent restrictions for certain areas. You should also be able to get those limits from the first link above and they should stay syncronized.

Good luck on the water. If you're coming to central Mississippi to fish, let me know. I'm on the Ross Barnett Reservoir frequently though I'm usually sailing/skiing.

Note: Mississippi is first at something besides being fat and on the federal dole.

Post your state's fishing regs here too.

Here are Nevada's regulations.
They are quite a bit more restrictive than Mississippi's rules.
For instance, 1 rod-1 license. If you want to fish with two rods, you need a second rod sticker.
No more than three hooks per line.
Some waters only allow the use of artificial lures, and some restrict them to barbless hooks.


--- Quote from: nkawtg on June 27, 2014, 12:51:17 PM ---Here are Nevada's regulations.
They are quite a bit more restrictive than Mississippi's rules.

--- End quote ---
That's because y'all don't have any water :)


West Virginia's

I go fishing on occasion at the Ross Barnett Reservoir when I visit family. Best trip was a few years ago at the spillway when they had the spillway flowing strong. Caught several large fish with our rod and reel without any bait. Just used a big hook. Saw one guy catch a massive catfish that he put in the back of his truck but had to throw it back when a ranger came around and measured it.
Grew up fishing around there, but live out of state now.


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