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In my mini Survival fishing kit I always have at least ONE  Yo YO reel.
I set it up first as soon as I get to camp (Or the area I will be setting up...)
By the time my tent is up and all my fire wood collected.  I 90% of the time I have a nice fish for a meal.

I use Eagle claw nitro baits-or real worms if I have the time.

If you haven't checked out Dave Canterbury's Pathfinder pocket fishing kit, you really should do so. I just built one, following his videos on YouTube. Compact, room for storage, different types of line, and it casts pretty good, too.

Pathfinder tools in use part 2

Fishing Kit-Improvments Testing

Can't wait to try it out when the season opens!


--- Quote from: Dirttime Dude on April 28, 2009, 09:31:26 PM --- Bait is anything that will attract a fish... bits of metal, will work.
 A shoe lace has worked for me.
 lots of thinbgs will work.
 Next time you are fishing, experiment with nonsense baits.

--- End quote ---

One of the best crappie baits I've ever used was a penny that I'd drilled two holes in and attached a treble hook too.  Polish the penny up a bit with a pencil eraser and you've got a nice shiny bait the crappies can't resist. 

While you're thinking about that, enjoy watching the walleye on the streaming Wolf river fish cam. Shiocton #1 camera

dry cat food and a cast net.   throw out a handfull of dry cat food let it sink.  come back 1/2 hr later throw out another handful.  wait 10 minutes toss cast net.  this works for all fish especially "nuisance fish"  in south florida tilapia in the wild are an invasive species.  filet, skin off, de bone the pin bones, and dredge in seasoned flour.  pan fry and finish with a little butter and home made wine to deglaze the pan.   look survival is about stuff tasting good too, right?

Would have to agree with some cast nets. Also some yo yo reels, extra hooks and different lines.
This looks to work well for backpacking or kayaking and the reviews are good -


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