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Eating Lionfish may be dangerous (ciguatera)


Wanted to get the word out about a recent announcement regarding eating lionfish.

The University of Florida/IFAS St. Lucie County Cooperative Extension has received an update from Florida Sea Grant on food safety concerns and the consumption of invasive lionfish.  Lionfish are of particular concern because they are becoming increasingly common in the Treasure Coast.  Researchers have found that on experimental reefs, lionfish can decrease the recruitment of juvenile reef fish by almost 80 percent.  There has recently been increased discussion that innovative methods of controlling lionfish must be deployed.  Some of these discussions involve consumption of lionfish as a method to reduce lionfish populations.

Research has shown that lionfish harvested in Florida’s waterways might harbor toxins which cause a food-borne illness called ciguatera.  These toxins are produced by microbes and are not broken down by conventional cooking of the meat.

Read more about it here:

As mush as I LOVE eating lionfish, looks like its off the pun intended.


Don't let my wife know, but I may have been wrong...or at least mislead. Some details were left out of the reports I was reading...more info here:

Great news, hillbilly. Glad to hear you can continue to enjoy lionfish.

Lionfish are edible, but they have venomous spines.

A sting probably won't kill a healthy adult. But, then again, it might.

Plan on a fast trip to the ER for antivenin and some downtime before you recover.

Handle with care.

BTW: The stings can be very bad news for a small child.

Apparently a 6th grader has now proven that lionfish can survive in freshwater as well:


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