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Anyone from Arkansas?

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Mr. Red Beard (UKtheBUNNY):
That was from an order you made the day of the workshop RH?

I talked to the owner again to negotiate the refund. Honestly it sounds like a lack of communication of both sides but lets see. The owner said he would comply so lets see what happens.

Mr. Red Beard (UKtheBUNNY):
Just an update PrepperJim has been refunded. I was emailed by the owner of this morning and Jim confirmed it. is also sending out free products to make up for the error. I don't believe this was intentional so hopefully there's no bad blood.

SWEET! I'm sure he appreciates the help!


Yes UK I ordered the day of the workshop.
I received the order today.
Jan 28th to March 9th.
Not real fast, but like I said in an earlier post, I'm new in the
prepper world so I'm not sure what is considered the "norm"
for products of this kind. I hear that business is booming and some companies are having
trouble keeping up with the demand.

Hey Guys, What up with the "Karma" Points. I have 1 and am very proud of it, even though I don't know what it means or why I got it.


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