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Anyone from Arkansas?

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Cooter Brown:

--- Quote from: ozarked on July 16, 2009, 06:16:31 PM ---Hey!  I live in the stix just west of Batesville...
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Gettin awful close to God's country :); I grew up in Mtn. View.

Ray Peterson:
I live in OK just outside of Fort Smith. I do work in AR... don't know if that counts.

I'm in Mountain Home, AR.

Doc Savage:

--- Quote from: mlwilki on July 14, 2009, 01:42:56 PM ---I'm in Garfield, Ar. and the ticks are the worst pest i encounter in the woods around here. i have been told flea colliers around your ankles will help keep them off. i  have not tried this yet but i can see how this might work. i bet keeping one on your BOB will keep bugs out if you put it down while in the woods.

--- End quote ---
  The flea collar thing will work somewhat.  They stop ticks that have to crawl past them.  Be sure to blouse your boots.  Any that attach themselves above will be glad to go to higher territory.  Thank goodness it is beginning to cool off.  Mosquitos are finally tolerable again.

Mtn Home area here too! ;D


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