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PROBABLY against most state hunting regulations, but in a true survival situation, I always choose to be tried by 12 rather than carried by 6!

Here goes...

Probably intended for fish, but will work on small game too.

Not one of mine, but well done nevertheless.

Tim Suggs
Birmingham, AL. USA!

A great way to cheat whle making lots of those traps:


--- Quote from: quietmike on November 25, 2008, 08:16:39 AM ---A great way to cheat whle making lots of those traps:

--- End quote ---

And they work too!  I've used these and depending on the fish on the end of the line, they work pretty darn good.  Have to be careful about your bait and baiting technique/trigger set so they do not nibble your bait away.  I had problems with the rewind mechanism on a few, but most worked out of the package just fine.  Paddle into a deep little cove, set about ten of these around your boat hanging from the tree limbs, and you'll be busy hauling the fish in if you set them right.

Tim Suggs
Birmingham, AL. USA!

Louisiana Suvivor:
found a guy from the BBC that has some pretty cool ideas. squirrel trap. basically a dead fall. but his hobo fishing lure is funny but easy to make.

I was just out putting out some millet for the birds and I had this idea about using a mousetrap to harvest small doves and quail. a few seeds here and there and a small pile over the end of the trap. If a bird pecks at the seed on the trap the trap will definitely kill it.  I know there are better ways but in a serious pinch you might be able to score some meat without compromising your position. I mean they are cheap and light. I have a couple in my BOB. At the local dollar store you have your choice of one large rat trap or four regular size mousetraps for a buck.
I have a box trap with a spring door that works much easier but it doesn't fit in my BOB much less in my shirt pocket. Plus the victim is still alive and probably isnt going to cooperate. Getting a live bird thats in a panic out of a cage without it getting away is easier said then done. I dont think snares will work for small birds but I have no experience in that. Its just a guess.


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