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Just got a message saying that there is an attempt by the Dems in the House to slip in gun control legislation (see H.R. 5717) while our attention is diverted by the pandemic relief bill. Anyone have info. about this question? Apparently this would require a federal firearms license to purchase guns or ammo and add a 30% tax on guns and 50% tax on ammo.

In the first section of the bill, there is this: § 932. License to own firearms and ammunition

“(a) In general.—Except otherwise provided in this section, it shall be unlawful for any individual who is not licensed under this section to knowingly purchase, acquire, or possess a firearm or ammunition.

“(b) Eligibility.—An individual shall be eligible to receive a license under this section if the individual—

“(1) has attained 21 years of age; and

“(2) has completed training in firearms safety, including—

“(A) a written test, to demonstrate knowledge of applicable firearms laws;

“(B) hands-on testing, including firing testing, to demonstrate safe use of a firearm;

“(C) as part of the process for applying for such a license—

“(i) has submitted to a background investigation and criminal history check of the individual, including a background check using the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, to ensure the individual is not prohibited from possessing a firearm under subsection (g) or (n) of section 922; and

“(ii) has submitted a photograph of the individual;

“(D) has not been determined by a court, in accordance with subsection (c)(5), to be unsuitable to be issued a Federal firearm owner's license; and

“(E) is not otherwise prohibited by Federal, State, Tribal, or local law from possessing a firearm.

Here is the link to the text:

tax increases in the bill:

SEC. 803. Increase in excise taxes relating to firearms.

(a) In general.—Section 4181 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 is amended to read as follows:

“SEC. 4181. Imposition of tax.

“There is hereby imposed upon the sale by the manufacturer, producer, or importer of the following articles a tax equivalent to the specified percent of the price for which so sold:

“(1) Articles taxable at 30 percent:

“(A) Pistols.

“(B) Revolvers.

“(C) Firearms (other than pistols and revolvers).

“(D) Any lower frame or receiver for a firearm, whether for a semiautomatic pistol, rifle, or shotgun that is designed to accommodate interchangeable upper receivers.

“(2) Articles taxable at 50 percent: Shells and cartridges.”.

Here is the link to the text:


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