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Dealing with COVID-19 Overload

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Morning Sunshine:

--- Quote from: fritz_monroe on March 23, 2020, 07:47:55 PM ---Thanks guys.  I just keep trying to "talk her down" when she gets all spun up.

The benefit of this is that I'm going to use this to get more prepared after it's over.  She always just accepted the prepping I was doing as it's a weird thing that Fritz is going to do.  She never really got it that there would be a reason to prep.  Now she's getting it and it won't be as much of a challenge in the future.

--- End quote ---

silver lining...

I got a chest cold in the middle of this and it was the best thing. The doctors are myopic and tested me for the flu and assumed I had the covid. They tested me and it took 3 days to get a result. Where I was isolated didn’t have internet or tv so I was cut off. I tested negative and at the end everybody wanted to give me an update. Nothing has changed, wash your hands, stay out of big groups etc.

Wife and I are both taking this about the same. Hanging back and listening/watching, not getting hysterical.
Retired to our farm, we don't have to travel. Did the last supply run last week and are prepped for a long time. This run will tell us what we will need for the next coming run, or what we lack now.
We've never had anything like this since we've been preparing. I think we're in good shape.

I think there will be quite a few silver linings after this is all done...

The general population typically likes to deride what preppers do as crazy... probably it will be less so after this. And, there may be many more who see the good sense in stocking up their homes for unexpected things afterwards, too. That helps us all.

And... in the long run, we'll probably see a big return of manufacturing jobs to our own country vs. China, which will lessen our dependence on them for the future and provide good work for more of our own citizens. Also, I think the use of private companies to step up to the need for testing and provision of PPE supplies may lead to a long-term reduction in needless regulations on silly things. (Like, why did many big companies have all their masks produced in other countries due to the regulations  restricting them from being able to produce them and meet requirements here? I truly do not understand this at. all.)

Finally... (and I realize there may be opposing opinions on this), it will show the need for good border control.


--- Quote from: LvsChant on March 22, 2020, 09:34:55 AM ---
Maybe she could spend her time trying to find ways around shortages and sharing these ideas with her friends... thinking of ways to help her neighbors, etc. to reduce this problem. For example, websites that are direct shipping free of charge for household needs (Walgreens, et al.).
Maybe if she focuses her energy in positive ways, it will distract her from the negative...

--- End quote ---
maybe she's done all that but is overwhelmed with anger and frustration by the stupidity of the sheeple still going to the beach, still going craft shopping (coz you's a pandemic..Karen NEEDS her glitter).  Maybe she's doing ALL she can to keep herself and her family well and safe but some of her family works in healthcare and they HAVE to go out and face this every day.

Oh, wait.  That's me.  Sorry.


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