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Need Pellet Gun recommendation for racoon

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Thox Spuddy:
For quietness a nitro piston is supposed to be the best, but the problem with an air rifle is you only have one shot. Check this out:

Anything .22 rated 850 fps or higher. Nitro piston or PCP will be the quietest option. Benjamin Trail is my recommendation for cheap but decent. Look into PCP if you have the cash to blow on it.

If you don't want to kill it, use a paint ball gun. One of the simi auto's should do the trick.
Make sure you put the paint balls in the fridge over night to stiffen them up. They are not to expensive at wall mart. The paint balls are cheep.

Hope this helps,


Nitro piston is better then a springer but the maruader is more quieter then both. A 22 with a long barrel can perform the duty, the longer the barrel the quieter the shot. A cz ultra lux or a 10/22 with a 29 inch barrel is good. A 22 cci cb short of cci cb long will not penetrate a coon skull at point blank. If you can go for soft targets, from the throad into the vitals is good, or right behind the front shoulder. If the coon is up in a tree try to go under the ribs below the sternum into the vitals.

David in MN:
We use bows. In a populated area folks don't seem to mind them as much. And they are silent. I'm no expert in air rifles so I won't comment there.


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