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Remington Split Up


David in MN:
Court filing in Alabama yesterday. Still needs judicial approval.

Vista Outdoor gets the Lonoke Ammo Business and certain IP assets.

Roundhill Group LLC gets non-Marlin (basically Remington guns) business

Sierra Bullets gets Barnes.

Ruger gets Marlin.

JJE Holdings gets DPMS, H&R, Stormlake, AAC, and Parker.

Franklin Armory gets Bushmaster.

Sportsman's Warehouse gets Tapcobrand.

So lots of changes in store. And maybe some iconic American brands will be demolished in the process.

The bidding for the ammo business was crazy.  It started with everyone in the $40 million range and ended up with Vista ponying up more than $80 million. Pretty much shocked everyone. 

Good news for all those whose jobs have been saved by these companies stepping in to pick up the pieces.

David in MN:
Still lots to weed out, though. Questions arise about the future of Barnes in Sierra or how Marlin fits in the Ruger family. Roundhill (ifmy reading is correct) is a holding company not really into guns so I doubt their goal is to rebuild the Remington arms line. We'll see what this has in store for the brand.

Vista made a coup with the ammo. Pretty telling they finally outbid Sig Sauer in the future of the business but tack Remington onto Federal, American Eagle, Speer, CCI, Blazer, and Estate... And it's getting big. Also, someone in that company can really read the future of production as they will add Louisiana to Idaho and Minnesota. I would not be surprised to see each facility dedicated to certain components and doing fewer line changeovers in future production. Also worth saying that of the big 3 Vista does the best profit margin so their upside was higher than Olin likely could have bid. Also get a synergistic bump because Remington uses Barnes but Vista uses Sierra for premium lines and... now they're all joined at the hip a little tighter. Nothing else, Vista seems to enjoy a flexible supply chain and this is very much in that line.

>> If I remember JJE Holdings gets DPMS, H&R, Stormlake, AAC, and Parker also own PSA Arms or palmetto state armory.

DPMS is well known for their 308 in a AR-10 design.   From a tech transfer standpoint it seems to be a good buy.


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