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Massive Noncompliance, Little Enforcement For Colorado’s Mag Ban


Massive Noncompliance, Little Enforcement For Colorado’s Mag Ban

It’s been six years since the state of Colorado banned magazines that can hold more than 15-rounds of ammunition as part of a gun control package signed by then-governor John Hickenlooper that also included a “universal background check” bill. We know that background checks in Colorado haven’t haven’t increased since the law went into effect, but now 9 News in Denver has taken a look at the state’s magazine ban and found that it’s also being ignored by gun owners, gun stores, and law enforcement.

Kool. Just what I like , a quiet revolution. 8)

There is broad based non-compliance everywhere.  Heck, in California the police themselves are the major trafickers.  This is about the dozenth article I've seen with one getting caught, so there are probably hundreds of others not found
Former San Diego County sheriff's deputy, four others charged with illegal gun trafficking


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