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Ruger PC Carbine 9mm Carbine

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And it takes glock mags so you know its gotta be good right?


I have a different  9mm pistol round, semi-auto carbine. I absolutely love it. Feels like using a .22, but can be used for defense or close in hunting, or putting an injured animal here on the property down. And, I realy like having shared ammo between platforms -- I would LOVE it if mine used the same magazine as my semi-auto 9mm handgun, but it doesnt. It does use the same magazine as a popular handgun that was used at the same time, I just dont have that handgun. Mine is a camp 9 carbine, and it uses the same magazine as an old model SW 9mm handgun. Makes alot of sense to me that their new 9mm carbine would use the same magazine as a glock, sounds real handy.

I would imagine that this new ruger will have the same benefits and uses as the old camp 9, so review of the camp 9 here :


--- Quote from: Chemsoldier on December 29, 2017, 07:54:31 PM ---Kind of a bold statement isnt it? The various pistol red dot companies are not innovating? Remington's mag fed 870s. SIGs 320s, their in house optic and the possibility of the first from the company optic equipped pistol? The shockwave style shotgun, the SIG Brace ARs gutting the SBR prohibition.

The Maxim 9 integrally surpressed pistol? .224 Valkyrie? Glock gen 5s being damn near match grade barrel accurate out of the box whike maintaining glock reliability?

I would also point out that while the Glock mag thing is new, this isn't even Ruger's first pistol caliber semi-auto carbine. They produced the police carbine from 1996-2006.

--- End quote ---

I should have said, "one of the only". The magazine fed 870 is innovative but I wouldn't buy anything the Freedom Group puts out, especially Remington with all the recent quality issues. Sig 320 is cool but not that innovative, another Glock copy. Glock gen 5 is hardly innovative. The "match grade" barrel is no more accurate than any other generation.
Ill give you the Maxim 9. Truly a very innovative firearm. You also forgot Keltec.


--- Quote from: David in MN on December 30, 2017, 12:38:57 PM ---I can't shake the feeling that this space is ripe for some kind of super-modern mag fed takedown bullpup in magnum caliber that is "street legal" and fits in a backpack. At that point you can steal from the survival rifles, takedowns, PCCs, some shotguns, and even some of the scout rifle crowd.

I know I'm on the fringe but I used to do R&D and it's the really weird problem solvers that tend to work. The big limit on such a gun is range, which I don't think matters. In the forests up here (and in the whole east) you just aren't shooting past 100 yards that often.

--- End quote ---

I could see an interesting possibility in a take down, integrally suppressed .45 ACP "Urban Rifle."  The .45 ACP and its subsonic nature would help the suppressor.   Even a stubby but not NFA (non-suppressed) semi-auto with a threaded barrel to accept the suppressor might be a good one.  The bullpup could help here with the overall length, however you will pay for the shorter length with a cruddy trigger or a higher price to try to improve the trigger. Perhaps basic research can improve the cost to trigger quality ratio of bullpups, but they have been around a while and people have tried.  .45 ACP is not the cheapest ammo on the planet for practice, but its better than the magnums and rifle calibers.

The short range hunting world already has had the deerfield in semi-auto along with the ultra-heavy AR rounds (.450 SOCOM, .50 Beowulf, etc) and all the lever actions (.44, etc). Also, a few pistol caliber bolt rifles. So I am not sure the niche there being that large.  Though, maybe the takedown nature would help.  The .22lr ones like the 10/22 takedown and AR-7s sell just fine. 

I have a huge interest but small wallet this year.  I already use the SR series in 9mm.  I also see a G19 coming my way down the road.  So I reload and stock 9mm.  The PCC is appealing to me as a one size fits all like the cowboys.  I have a 45ACP PCC which I like and have taken Deer with.  I have to say I like it in the blind and got a 1 shot kill on a medium sized white tail at 35yards with no issue.  I noted that it is so much quitter, lighter, and (with the takedown barrel on Ruger's new rifle) more transportable any other long gun in my safe. 

For me its:
Uses ammunition I already have in my BOB or reduces the BOB ammunition to 1 type
Same answer for Magazines
Takedown for clandestine transport/storage (a rifle case draws attention and a short duffle does not)
Light recoil (should be)
Full powder burn in the 20in barrel so should be no blast or reduced sound from the pistol.
Quick change to a more popular magazine.  (With the 30rounder as an option)
10/22 Trigger means 10/22 aftermarket improvements (Like the bolt hold open latch, but with luck they made it work right without replacing)
Pistol pricing (high $400s to Low $500s street)
Rail forward to mount a light is standard (if I understand the advertising I saw)

If the offer it in 45ACP then it may really be nice, since I also have an SR45.
I would not be surprised to see the takedown internally suppressed barrel come out in 9mm at S.H.O.T. (or is that this week?)

I bullpup PCC with an "ok" trigger would be interesting.  This from the guy who is looking for someone to start making Grease guns because a Thomson is too pretty to use. 

Now that I think of it is not the Tavor available as a PCC?


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