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Reloads for Self Defense Good Idea?

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CPT Morgan:
Given the horror stories that may or may not be true, is there actually a valid reason for using hand-loads for self defense?  Given that a true self defense is going to be very close-quarters only, it's not like you MUST train with them to be effective with them, so that rules out cost savings....  Am I wrong?

I would say any altered ammo is a bad idea for self defense.
Take cut-shells for instance.
Altering bird-shot shells to make them more lethal.

I know what you're saying but a lot of things are possible but show me.

Does any actually know of this actually happening or actually being attempted in court.
Can you show me one case and court case???

If as stated above they take the ammo and firearm ( most certainly will). They can fire it test is and easily see its in SAAMI specs.

If an attorney tried to say you were making "crazy ammo" your attorney could easily say any prove
1. Ammo was within manufacturing specifications.
2. The Projectile you used is used in other defensive loads at the same or higher velocity.
3. It was the load you were most comfortable with and shoot most often and you believed you had the best chance of hitting the target and thus less likely to injure dystanderds.


For similar reasons, I leave my carry gun completely stock.   No trigger jobs, no night sights, no nothing.   Straight up out of the box Glock.   There is plenty of good ammo on the market, I don't use reloaded ammo personally.  I don't have any specific stories or references, just what instructors have discussed in basic handgun training through the NRA.   

If you really have to know or find out specific cases in your jurisdiction, I'm sure you can get an attorney to sit with you for an hour and answer questions.    Sometimes it is worth the $$ to ask the professionals.   That being said, the same NRA instructors above will likely tell you to seek out the law firms that the police themselves use.


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