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Reloads for Self Defense Good Idea?

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  I use reloads because....

I load a lower power than factory round

I use hollow points for the lower ricochet chance to be safer for others.

I load my own for economy and precision as I am a target shooter and was preparing to go to the range.

EVEN a proper defensive shooting will often cost you time in court...still better than time in coffin.


--- Quote from: 9mmMaster on December 26, 2016, 10:36:49 PM ---I know what you're saying but a lot of things are possible but show me.

Does any actually know of this actually happening or actually being attempted in court.
Can you show me one case and court case???

--- End quote ---
Did you actually look at the links Chem posted?  There are court cases in there.

ignore the facts at your peril.

Yes I read the cases Chen soldier posted.
He did a great job thank you Chem Soldier.

After reading them all were acquitted and though the fact that reloaded ammo was brought up in court it did not change good vs bad shootings.

David in MN:
I'd suggest a MAG 40, Youtube an old LFI course, or anything produced by Masaad Ayoob. It will put to bed bad ideas like this. When you must defend yourself you DO NOT give the DA or wrongful death attorney any help.

Plus one for reading and watching Massad Ayoob.

I remember reading one of Ayoob's books ( It was Combat Shooting,1334 of 4192 on the Kindle version of the book in the Ammo Issues section)  where he discussed this and cases he as worked on. The points I remember are:
1) The testing will be done with ammunition tested for the verification of your story will be factory ammunition based on the head stamp.  As you used a different powder and bullet your story will NOT be reproduced in the lab.  Things like powder burns and expansion (a factor of velocity) will be different and there for the distance from the attacker to you will not be backed up by testing.  This will make your story inconsistent which the other side will call a LIE. 
2) Your reloading lags will not be admissible so they can not be used to show a difference from what a factory load would be.
3) As discussed above you "made ammo specifically to Kill my clients"

As I was verifying that it is what I remembered I saw that a Judge actually accepted an argument as described (poorly) in point 1.


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