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If you could only have one Centerfire Handgun what would it be?

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David in MN:
S&W 686+ 4". It's the one gun that does everything. I'm sure a similar Ruger or Colt would do just as well.

I went with Glock love mine anything in in .400 and above(but even like my G17).
And Ruger Revolver when it talks at the range everyone listens (.44 mag)

Either a S&W 27/28 or a S&W 19/66. As much as I like the versatility of the .45 Colt and .44 mag in the proper guns, there is very little need for them outside grizzly country. Even so, the .357 mag with the right load is capable of taking anything in North America, even if it doesn't have as much margin for error as the larger revolvers.

Though I never owned one maybe a 357 Sig. because it would work for self defense and hunting.

A RUGER single action 5 inch stainless 357 magnum, or a 1911 in 45 grizzly


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