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If you could only have one Centerfire Handgun what would it be?

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Glock 19. Because Glock. lol

Smurf Hunter:
For post-apocalyptic duty, a revolver has many redeeming qualities, some already mentioned.
It's also considerably simpler to handload and thus improvise home made ammunition for a revolver.

1) pressure/velocity of the cartridge have no mechanical impact on the action.  You could scrape dozens of match heads and make a very weak .38spl charge.  Likewise with primers
2) cartridge dimensions don't matter much - as long as the length doesn't exceed the cylinder, seat depth, projectile shape and case length don't matter.

But we could probably make an argument for flint lock muzzle loaders using this logic too.  :P

I voted revolver.  High quality .357 with about a 4" barrel.  If you get into reloading you can make a round that suits just about any purpose.  Simple, reliable, somewhat concealable if needed. 

That's Awesone everybody glad this is a popular thread👍😀✝🇺🇸
My thinking was if you could only have one handgun. Not only gun period.
You guys make some great points.
A lot more revolvers than I would have thought no problem there I enjoy revolvers.

I am glad you approve.


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