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Civilian Killed by Police During Training Exercise

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Failure to clear live rounds from weapon used in simulated scenario.


--- Quote from: FreeLancer on August 09, 2016, 10:15:13 PM ---Failure to clear live rounds from weapon used in simulated scenario.

--- End quote ---

This goes to show you that you should never point a gun at anything you don't wish to destroy.


Quality force on force scenarios involve the use of disabled weapons (replacement barrels or facsimile weapons) AND use other measures such as the forbidding of any weapons in the exercise area (including among instructors).  Many even use magnetometers on any personnel entering the exercise area.

What horrific negligence.

David in MN:
Haven't clicked the link yet but am wondering Florida or Arizona...

Ah yes, Florida. A training event with live people and live rounds? In a world full of blue guns and bright yellow dummy barrels this is inexcusable. How is it that a room full of police and civilians interested in police tactics not one person demanded all guns be made visibly safe? No shooting competition experience at all? Unbelievable.

And at what point do you run for the door because you realize these idiots are pointing guns at each other? Real quick IMHO.

sad, i feel for this woman's family.
the 'cop' that shot her should be fired and banned from any job that involves firearms.


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