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Any suggestions for training?

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Good suggestions David. I'd love to do reloading and have the Lyman's manual but don't have the time/funds to get started in that right now. Not looking to get into 'primitive' weapons as they don't interest me at all. I know people who love archery and other things in that vein and am not bashing them, just not my thing.

I'm really leaning shotgun class, and trap/skeet sounds fun. I wouldn't mind a tactical class, but I feel that those types of classes should come after I have some experience with my weapons. This post reminds me I need to call the local trap club and see if they have instructors there.

The armorer's class is a neat idea, I hadn't thought about doing that.

Looks like I'm taking a trap/skeet lesson. One of the local trap clubs has a couple guys who volunteer to give intro lessons. Range fee of $25, another $10 if I want to rent one of their Benelli autloaders, and whatever ammo is going to cost me. That get's me a few hours of instruction. I'm pretty stoked!


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