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Any suggestions for training?

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I'm wanting something that is more fundamental/practical as opposed to tactical. I carry my pistol and have practiced with that the most, but have never taken a course. I have done an Appleseed with my AR and enjoyed that. I also have a Mossberg 500 that I've probably shot the least and have not done any training with.

I was thinking of something like a day with a skeet/clay instructor to get some work with the shotgun in, or a basic pistol course that teaches technique.

Any thoughts on what to look for or things to avoid? I am in the Tucson area.


Well there is always Gunsite:

They are the grand-daddy of firearms training centers and from everything I have heard teach superb handgun, rifle and shotgun courses.  They are spendy, but supposed to be top notch training and top notch facilities.

As to the one day class format, google "Tuscon AZ firearms training" and start culling.

Cool, didn't know about them. I will check them out, although they might be a bit to far for a one day course.

I did look up some firearms trainers in the area and am looking into them. I always like to ask the hive mind what they think because there are people way more knowledgeable on here than I am.

Gulo gulo:
If you liked Appleseed, try out an NRA or CMP rifle match. Like the AQT but full distance at bullseye targets.

David in MN:
Keep an eye on Crowd Cut for local classes/opportunities. My wife got us a 2 for 1 "intro to trap shooting" class a couple years back. She'd never done it and it had been about 20 years for me. Long story short she learned well from the instructor, we had fun, and continue to shoot trap, skeet,and clays. They're actually my favorite thing to shoot and the only kind of shooting my wife loves (beside archery).

Maybe you could do an armorer's class or other technical side of the gun world. Or learn reloading. Something like that. And don't discount the fun of IDPA or other competitive games. Even some force on force airsoft can be valuable learning.

From the OP it sounds like the shotgun is your weak point (assuming you want to stay in guns and away from archery/axe throwing/blowguns/etc.). Consider trying it out. You've already got the gun.


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