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Ranges in Phoenix, AZ?


My wife and I will be staying in Paradise Valley/Scottsdale for a couple nights and would like to make a trip to a range to shoot our pistols. It's been awhile and we need the practice.

Any good recommendations for ranges to go shoot at that are good? I'd prefer indoor since it's getting hot here and I'd also prefer to not pay a ridiculous range fee to go shoot.

I have not lived in the valley of the sun for a while but when I was down there I frequented Shooters World.  Nice air-conditioned indoor range.  I was a member but I think the range fee was $5-$7.  Their website can be found here:

If I remember they have a range in Scottsdale but don't quote me on that.


Their fees are more than I would like to pay, but I guess that is the difference between Phoenix and Tucson. They do let you take long guns through... so maybe being able to take the AR up will be nice since my wife has been wanting to shoot it.

Their one-time fees was why I signed up for a membership.  Now that I'm back in Oregon I just drive down a forest service road till I find an old quarry. 

I did always find their staff to be super helpful and knowledgeable though.

Range finder courtesy of the National Shooting Sports Foundation


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