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em ty:
NJconceal does offer an RFID lock option.  I agree about the magnetic locks with kids, though.

hackmeister, I made my ours by starting with goodwill and yard sale purchases.  Most were around $10 and look like something that would be around a house with kids (nice but well used). In each case I made it really tough to get into when trying to keep it as a secure location but in an emergency, just shove your hand through it and bango.  I got the idea from a buddy of mine who dry walls, he keeps a loaded hand gun near the front and back doors between the studs in the wall; the area looks EXACTLY like the rest of the wall but is paper thin. So if he needed one in a hurry, there it is.  If he wanted to take it to the range without breaking the wall, he removes a remodel electrical switch box over it and reaches in and gets it (taking a about 2 minutes). 


--- Quote from: TexDaddy on May 26, 2015, 03:35:44 PM ---Home invasions happen in the better areas.

My children were all taught about firearms at a very early age.

Strapped on is the only way I know to provide easy access and security.

--- End quote ---


Just like a gun safe, concealment furniture is going to only keep the honest people out.   LE and criminals know they exist.  Kids may want to show off the secret hiding place to their friends.........

I can see some of the concealment furniture or in-wall mirror style safes working only if your children do not see you access it except in a real emergency and it has a real lock.

Only you know your children and their friends.  What ever your choice, it is one you will have to live with.

We live in a good area with relatively low crime. Like others have said home invasions can happen in good areas. The recent DC home invasion/murder occurred in a mansion a few blocks from the vice presidential residence in DC:

Most of the time I keep my backup M&P Bodyguard in my pocket. On the main floor I want quick access to something with a little more fire power.  I try to educate my kids as much as possible about gun safety and they know how to shoot the same 22lr Marlin I shot when I was 7. Eventually I want them to be part of our home defense plan. For now we will keep whatever option we go with a secret until we decide they're old enough.

The RFID or the combo button lock might be the quickest and most secure options.

Thank you everyone for your input.   

Why not make a house that is tougher to get into?

Commercial doors and glass,interior security bars ADD A SAFE ROOM etc.


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