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David in MN:
When I built the endtables for our family room I considered adding a hidden pistol. But you either have no lock, a difficult to reach keyed lock, or a goofy magnetic lock. So I timed myself and the winner was the fingerprint pistol box already in the closet.

All the magnetic locks failed when I tested them under stress simulated with a kettlebell workout. Losing fine motor movement made it hard to deploy. Same with hard to see keys. A latch that opens under pressure or a magnet that suspends the gun are faster but offer no security. In the end we stuck with the pistol boxes we have in closets on all floors.

To be fair, I have a fascination with Japanese puzzle boxes and I'm working on a "hidden pistol" design as a back burner project right now. My goal is a coarse motor multi step process that goes quickly but counterintuitively. Maybe a pipe dream.


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