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Anyone attend an Appleseed shoot today?

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I went to one a couple years ago with my wife and liked it. We both want to go again for both days as we only got to do the first day.

How do you like the Tech sights? I was thinking of putting them on my Marlin. I had a scope on there and can remount it, but I think I'd prefer tech sights for what it's intended use would be... not sure yet.

The Good:Tech Sights are great and work much better (for most people) than the standard sights on most .22 rifles. Another advantage of the Tech Sights is that the usage transfers nicely to military rifles.

Speaking for myself and not for Project Appleseed: I believe most people (especially those of us with older eyes) will get more out of the Appleseed event if we use a scoped rifle. The magnification makes the target look bigger and that allows for more precise "aiming" for folks.

Shooting well is simple, point the bangstick where it needs to be pointed and keep it there while you work the trigger. I wish it was a easy as it is simple. Your job as the shooter is to provide a stable platform for the firearm, point it where it needs to be pointed, and squeeeeeeeze the trigger.

Do anything you can do the minimize movement (within any time or situational constraints) is good. Body position, slings, bipods, etc.
Use your equipment properly. Get instruction or record yourself and have someone help you take a look at it.

I've seen some people shoot some AMAZING groups out of old stock riles with stock sights and I've seen folks with $+++++ firearms that really struggled.

PS I go by Whippet on the Appleseed forums if anyone wants to say hello over there.

Aim small...


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