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really fun and i think useful training exercize.

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I set up a pretty simple training drill yesterday and had an awesome time.
Let me kbow know your thoughts or how to make it better.
I admit i have no formal training besides an appleseed.

4 silhouette targets. Set up in an upside down "U" shape. Basically a left and right near and far. Near were at 7 yds and far at 15. They where half scale targets.

AR15 with sling and Taurus 92 In drop leg holster.

Smart phone or mp3 player loaded with a playlist of voice commands
I recorded left, left,left, right,right,right, stand, kneel, pistol, rifle.
I put my headphones in (the ones with squishy plastic that seals on the ear)
Set it on shuffle and repeat. Then just followed the commands.

The pistol/rifle command would switch to or stay on the firearm called out. Same with stand/kneel.

If on pistol.the left and right commands were for the near targets. Far targets for rifle.

Then just let it play until ammo was out.

Some extra details:
Timing was 3-4 Seconds per command. Enough to go from a standby position position, to safety off, Take a shot, make safe, back to standby position.  Switching firearms allowed time to double check safety and make the change.
I recorded left and right 3 times to keep the ratio of shots to Transitions better.

It was extremely fun for me. I loved the practice of operating the safety, the quick target acquisition, and switching firearms.

Things i will change:
Add a move command and have 2 shooting locations. "Move" with require transitioning from one to another.
Maybe switch the pistol and rifle commands to firearm switch to avoid a pistol callout while already holding a pistol.  Same with stance.
Make the left and right callouts with a 1 or 2 after it to designate how many shots to take. (I was doing 1 shot per callout)
Possiby add a long target requiring moving the magnifier on the ar into position. This gets complicated with the random callouts.
I need to add mag changes in. Probably just in the course of fire. I didnt have any mag pouches for either weapon. So getting those and loading mags with only 5 to 10 rounds to force frequent mag changes.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.  I a rooking looking for training.

Now i want an airsoft setup so i can run this drill in my backyard at low cost and high frequency.

If there are major typos in this I apologize. I write from a tablet while holding a sleeping baby.

Not a bad idea.  Just remember that past a certain level you are going to be training that particular drill, so dont be afraid to mix it up with some other stuff.

Get the mag pouches.  If you have spare rifle mags you are MUCH less likely to need to transition to a pistol.  Adding mag changes is easy once you have that.  As you said, download the mags, also just add reps, mix up the number of shots to the targets.

Lots of folks have used the flash card method in the past with a buddy, you just have a 21st century version.

Here is a good menu of drills from an excellent instructor. Most of these are pistol drills but many can also be used with rifle with minimal modification.

David in MN:
Throw in pushups, kettlebell swings, squats, and shoot from multiple positions (prone, standing on the shooting bench) and you've got one of my favorite summer workouts.

It's pretty hard to be accurate when you're gassed. I think more people would benefit from a workout like this.

Thanks for the replies. Good thought

I definitely need the mag change practice.
Will probably tube it a little to stay on rifle longer. Since most likely I would only change to pistol in case of malfunction or out of ammo.
Adding exercises would add another dimension that tries to replicate real situations. (Not fully accurate but closer)

I would love to set up a course and area with barriers that could be used for cover/concealment. But when using BLM land hard to set all that up. Maybe the airsoft in my backyard.

I'm a big fan of training with someone else and having them load your magazines.  Have them load in a snap cap or two, have them partially fill your magazines, handgun and rifle.  When your gun fails to fire, train to respond quickly and decisively, either get it back in action, go to your secondary weapon, or get the hell out of the way!  Sometimes you'll be able to clear the jam, sometimes you'll run into another malfunction (a second or third snapcap), sometimes you need to reload.  Plan for failure and failure won't be a problem when it really happens.


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