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A new less lethal round!

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David in MN:
I'm glad I'm not alone... I fail to see any benefit here. It sure seems like a "less lethal" that puts everyone at greater risk. Even if everything works right after the single shot you're still in a position pointing a pistol at someone with a finger on the trigger. Seems like a mistake to me.

completely stupid imho...


--- Quote from: archeR on February 05, 2015, 02:20:42 PM ---completely stupid imho...

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Alan Georges:
My guess is that this idiotic device will be quietly forgotten within a year.

Unless, of course, some city-level politician gets wind of it and starts ordering the local PD to start using it.  In which case it will be long-remembered for the ensuing string of tragedies.

I look at it as you draw a gun and shoot at someone..... that is all that should happen. The gun should be separate from any other less than lethal devise.

I dont want a gun shaped pepper spray or anything else like that. I almost dont like tasers but they can be in a secondary spot and drawn with the none gun hand


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