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A new less lethal round!

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David in MN:
I guess we'll try this one until an officer shoots his hand off. Or instinctively double taps. In the heat of battle you merely install a golfball on the end of your pistol. Brilliant. Someone tell me I'm missing something.

When things escalate to me drawing a gun,it is LETHAL.
LEO's have TASER , Pepper spray  and bean bag or rubber 12 gauge rounds as non lethal choices.
An officer should not have options on his last line of defence to confuse training and use of his firearm.
A pool noodle makes a poor club. 

So the LEO can't holster with the device attached, the LEO must possibly determine in a split second when/if to manually attach it with the free hand (hopefully they have a free hand), and the LEO only has one "less lethal" shot to make (any follow-up shots could result in a dead body)?

Endangering Leo's lives for the sake of political pressure.  ::)

During a firefight, nobody ever wishes for smaller caliber or magazines..
Just sayin


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