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What would you do? (Fictitious CCW Scenarios)

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Black November:
What would you do in the following situations?

1. Belligerent Asshole - You are walking down the street with your spouse, when an intoxicated guy stumbles up to you and starts getting in your face looking for trouble. You are carrying a firearm, and uncomfortable with the proximity of the man, but do not yet fear for your life. However, if there is a scuffle you worry about retaining your firearm.

2. Possible Transient Mugging - You are walking down the street, and see two transients arguing 30 yards away. There is a large man demanding money from a much smaller woman. He not hitting her, but grabbing her firmly and roughly shaking her while he talks. They both look homeless and may even know each other. You are carrying a firearm, and nobody else is around.

3. Angry Driver - You are in a minor fender bender. It's unclear who is at fault. When you get out to exchange insurance info, the other driver gets upset blaming you for the accident. He is threatening to kick your ass and looks pretty serious about it. You are carrying a firearm.


In none of the 3 is life directly endangered...I would do nothing besides be more alert and get out of the congressional halls.

Black November:
Many of us on this forum know not to draw a firearm in any of these types of situations.

However, I have two co-workers who answered differently.

:'( One co-worker naively ask "what's the point of carrying a gun if you are not going to use it." He said he would draw but not shoot in certain situations (Wrong!!)

 :D Another co-worker had a much better answer then my classic "do nothing" answer. He said that "doing nothing doesn't get you out of the situation" and that he would:

1. Command the person to back up while turning his body and creating distance from the firearm. If necessary he would also use his hands to create space from the aggressor. He said he would also brush-up on his retention skills if he felt they were inadequate. 

2. Pull out his phone and video the altercation while calling the 911.

3. Clearly request the insurance information, and inform them that you will be forced to call the cops if they do not comply. If you feel threatened get back in the car, lock the doors, and call the cops.

All too often we only think of whether to shoot or not shoot. There are many other things to consideration in a no-shoot scenario. 

Smurf Hunter:
In situations where you're approached it's been suggested to announce "if you don't stop <command goes here>, I will fear for my safety".

There are a few reasons:

It's CYA with witnesses/911 dispatch. (know a better way to PROVE you feared for your life?)
It could actually de-escalate the situation.
It could buy you an extra second or two
It's a way to subtly imply that you will use deadly force without it being a legal threat.  (no idea if the average thug would process this or not)

I don't personally know someone who's announced that AND had to draw and shoot. 


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