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Dec. 6-7, 2014, CQB: Fighting in Structures, Calera AL


CR Williams:

Rick Klopp is a very excellent instructor who offers a well-organized course of instruction in something that could be very useful to any of us. I've taken instruction with him before and can attest to his quality and the quality of the training this course provides. If you're looking to get some solid skill-sets to add to your capability, come and train with us.

Given the amount of time the majority of us spend indoors, a course that specifically teaches us to fight in close quarters is especially useful.

Also, the facility has cameras and recorders so that we will be able to record the exercises and do critiques same day. Very few other training sites offer this option to you.

For those who want to stay overnight, Double Tap has a bunkhouse that'll cost you 30.00 a night.

CR Williams:
So many things happen inside of buildings and we spend so much time inside of buildings, but we learn to fight with guns out in the open. But fighting in a building, checking your house for a possible hostile, intercepting the bad guy before he gets to your kids in a way that lets you end the fight before he starts it, fighting your way out of a problem--all of this is different than fighting in the open. It needs some different skill-sets.

Also, this is pretty much a pure skills class. Because of the facility we'll be in we can do some actual FOF, but there will be no live fire. So you won't have to bring in a bunch of ammo. Airsoft only. And a focus on skills and time spent on developing skills.

Well worth the time and expense to get this kind of knowledge.

CR Williams:
I was a bad guy working to prevent a team from finding a hideout in a house and getting them out, which doubled as an exercise in defending my home from criminal entry. I was part of an entry team trying to get the hideout away from multiple bad guys, which doubled as a search-and-clear exercise or as a locate-and-engage exercise. I was the rear guard of a family evacuation against an aggressive group of home invaders.

The techniques I used in all of these exercises were taught and trained during the better part of two days of excellent instruction by Rick Klopp of Suarez International. The missions and the method were clearly broken down into easily digestible components and then put back together. The ability to immediately review recordings from multiple cameras was an extremely useful bonus to everyone who attended.

Sometime in June, Rick will be back in Calera for a three-day version of this course. I strongly recommend you consider coming in and training with us. Being able to as safely as possible move through a building in the face of an assault of some type is a valuable skill-set and this course and this instructor is an excellent way of acquiring that skill-set.

When is this class being offered again? 

I am within a couple hours' drive.


CR Williams:
This class won't be at Calera this year, but in November I will be hosting Urban Warfare Weekend there. That will be a three-day run which will include much if not all of this material and some additional work besides that. It's not on the SI schedule yet but will run Oct. 30th-Nov. 1st.

I'll also have a one-day Close-Range Rifle class the 28th of this month there that might be of interest to you because it will tie into some of what's done in November.


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