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Morning Event Showed Need for Dual Non-lethal/CC carry

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The Spartan Dad:
An event showed me the need for a less than lethal option of self defense in addition to concealed carry. This morning, as I was loading groceries into my vehicle, I was approached first by a rough looking character (euphemism for probable drug addict) who used my SUV to shield his approach and then by his associate (assuming) who came up on my blind side while I was telling the first one to back away and not approach. I always try to stay as alert as possible and caught the second person advancing because I swiveled my head looking for others. At this point I was feeling threatened due to their close proximity and the manner I was approached. My hand went onto the CC grip while being careful not to lift my shirt up or reveal it. The second person left immediately after being told politely but firmly to do. The first one must have seen the outline or guessed, and started ranting almost unintelligibly about how I shouldn’t own a gun and would probably shoot up a mall. I stayed firm and polite with him about not approaching further and he walked away while still ranting.

I stopped on the way home and purchased pepper spray that I can carry on my belt from now on. Although I didn’t draw and made every effort to keep my CC concealed, it still became revealed or guessed at when I felt in danger enough to reach for it. Pepper spray would have been a good option for this situation and I didn't like the situation not having some put me in. Depending on the politics or inclinations of the local DA, I realize that not calling the police opens me up to a possible brandishing charge but the same could be said if I had called. Better to have a second option available when threatened. When we lived in the city early last year, a robbery victim was shot dead in a grocery store parking lot not 2 minutes from our house at 1pm on a Sunday afternoon so always take being approached seriously no matter what time of day or night.

An interesting situation to be in, to say the least.  I haven't ever had pepper spray, but since I can't CC and only open carry when I know I am not going to go to a public place like a big store or my daughters daycare, I might be getting me some and some for my wife. 

Morning Sunshine:
glad you were looking around.  could have been worse

Looks like you handled it about as well as you could have.  Certainly a boost to your future situation awareness ability.  Consider that many of the folks we think might need to be sprayed with pepper spray may already have experience with the stuff.  Some won't react or care if you spray them.  Some might get worse.

In any case, call the police immediately after these things.  Complain, give details. 

The reaction to your CC grip was telling.  Good for you.

Again and again and again - ALWAYS have a Plan B - non-lethal and hopefully something with a standoff range. 99.9% of confrontations that you will find yourself in WILL NOT rise to the level justifying the threat or use of deadly force. A can of pepper spray MAY not stop an assault but chances are that it will, with considerably fewer consequences to you for threatening to use or showing your gun. And the failure of your Plan B would be further justification to escalate your level of violence. "I hit him with a burst of OC spray, and he kept on coming....."

Also, fully agree with the advice to report the assault - which is what these two guys did to you, by using the threat of violence.



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