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Try this. This is what the military uses. Hope it helps!


Good grief, what a great resource you guys are! Kudos! My bookmarks are overheating from use.


--- Quote from: MilSpecIA on October 25, 2011, 08:07:38 PM ---Looking for the M-16 qualification target we used in the Army. I know it was a silhouette simulated for 300 meters with 1" grids that you set up at 50 meters...

anyone got ideas?

--- End quote ---

Sometimes, has those available as GI surplus.  None on there right now though.

Here's a great target if you're looking to drive yourself crazy.

This is designed for pistol use within about 7 yards and printed on regular 8.5x11" paper.  I've never made it through the whole test... but I try just about every week and am better for it.

Thank you so much the small game targets are great


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