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Steve Cover:

--- Quote from: inthego on March 03, 2011, 02:08:33 PM ---Thanks! at what distance?  does it matter?

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This isn't a target.

This is an old classic bullseye shooting tool that US Army Markmanship Instructors have used to help evaluate a student's one hand techniques.

If the bullet group in the student's target is located off center, the instructor can use this tool to indicate what the student is doing to cause it and suggest a fix in his technique.

My students shoot at a blank 11x14" piece of paper with a 2" black spot in the center from 7 yards.

For "new to firearms" students, twenty feet is far enough to show a good trend and still stay on paper.

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

Thanks for the info!   :D  {cool}


Another one I use!


You can create custom bullseye type targets, adjusting number of rings, ring width, line with and color.

Looking for the M-16 qualification target we used in the Army. I know it was a silhouette simulated for 300 meters with 1" grids that you set up at 50 meters...

anyone got ideas?


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