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Has anyone ever used a storm kettle? I've had one a few months now and think there great. With a few twigs you can boil a 1ltr of water in no time at all, in any weather condition.
Being a stereo type Englishman in need hot water for a cup of tea even if I'm in the middle of nowhere!

I just looked this up on wikipedia. Interesting device.... Any US vendors of these?
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Here is one:

Interesting device.  Thought I would use my old old bundt cake pan - a tin one for something similar.  Not sure the metal would last.  C.

That's a big surprise i can only find 1 vendor in the U.S! Normally i can't find equipment in the UK and have to pay loads on P&P to ship from the U.S.
Having hot water has to be one of the most comforting things in a survival situation.

USA Store

UK Stores


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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...Lehman's.  Gawd I love that place!

Not to take away from Jack's forum, but ZS is good for something, sometimes.  Lot's more info HERE


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