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Things you are during the CoronaVirus Stay@Home

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Morning Sunshine:
Stopped at the local sporting goods store for a few items.  The had signs up "There are NO trampolines in stock, and will be none until May"

interesting thing to run out of...

From what I have been reading, the next version of Zoom (5.0) will be a bit more secure.
It should have features like encryption.  However, I am not sure if that encryption will be end-to-end.

FYI:  The early reports on current version of zoom says it has encryption, but what is there is weak at best.

Work has said - nope - you can't use zoom for business meetings (sort of).  However, our stance might change for version 5 of zoom.

Right now I am dusting off some fun projects...building some kits that have been hiding in the basement for years.


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