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Gamma Lids

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It would be interesting to find out if there have been failures of white or black lids. BTW my buckets are not stacked but one of the has had a large bag of baking soda sitting on it for a couple years.

Sorry to hear that you've had issues.  I only have a half dozen or so in use.  I've kept 2 of them out in the carport for the past 2 years.  I also have several down in the controlled environment of the basement.  I don't stack more than 2 high.  Luckily I haven't had any failures.

The carport lids are black, I have a couple white ones, a yellow and an orange. 

I've had one orange failure. It was the rim part, not the lid.
Cracked down the side after I got it on.
Contacted the amazon seller directly, and they said they've had a orange color problem. Cracking where they attack to the mold, a thin spot.
They replaced the rim only.

Looks like that's where cmx's lids are cracking, at the mold sprue attachment. Yeah they could possibly be thin there. Depends on how the break off.

Morning Sunshine:
slightly related, but a tangent....

what does the color of the plastic have to do with the strength?  Does the dye weaken the material in some weird chemical reaction?


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