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Gamma Lids

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Apparently so. My limited experience also indicates to me that the Gamma lids and rings may be injection molded. I'm not at all experienced in other molding methods. A short article on an apparently complex subject.

Wonder if it's also the mold. You know, run only all orange thru one, black through another.

My amazon seller (can't remember the name) said the sprue area was where they were cracking on their batch, and mainly orange.

Dedicated molds would be pretty expensive. I think if a problem in the sprue area related to thickness was identified that area would be easy to correct. Just looked at one of my black lids and it has a tit on the inside opposite the sprue. Also I see 5 places that look like they could be the knock-outs for the mold, one is in the center opposite the sprue so that would be an easy place to increase thickness. Just machine a concavity in the end of the knock-out pin and that seems to be what was done. I haven't looked at my rings close enough to determine whether the 4 equally space spots I see are sprue connections or knock-out impressions.


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