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I know someone who works for Oregon State Parks who grew up in Oregon who we could tap into to ask about places in newport and south in oregon, so let me know what questions you have.  This person especially knows coastal oregon

I find that going down 101 from Coos Bay to SF is much prettier and not much more time than hwy 5 would be, maybe 20 minutes which is nothing, especially as the traffic between Sacramento and SF thru the east bay is often just horribly bad.   Going over the golden gate and thru SF is not as bad.  101 is much prettier, and better places to stop.   Also, we find the monotony of hwy 5 to be more tiring than that extra 20 minutes down the 101.  Now, Hwy 1 in CA is slow and windy, and before you get to SF, 1 has to cut back over east to combine with 101 to go over the golden gate, so you do have to decide how much time you have and how long you want to be on that part of the coast


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