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Another call to action,new bill that desires to control and regulate homeschools


With permission from Parents united 4 kids, an activist group, it i not just homeschooling freedom, this group is for parental rights and freedom in general. Even if you do not homeschool, if you live in California, please consider getting in touch with your CA state assemblyman or senator, just call the office, and let them know if you think this is a bad idea. Personally, I figure, if it isnt broke, why would we fix it ? We should focus CA department of Ed on our public schools and work on  LITERACY and abuse there -- there is alot to fix there to keep them busy, you would think...

Assemblywoman Eggman has sponsored AB2926

--- Quote ---

AB2926... Eggman wants a blank check. She wants to require the State Superintendent to set up an Advisory Committee to study all things homeschool for the next two years or so. Then, no later than July 1, 2020, the advisory committee will make recommendations to the Superintendent and State Board of Education as to the changes needed in regards to homeschooling in California. In turn, the Superintendent will make recommendations to the legislature and Governor as to new legislation that is needed for Homeschool oversight. From there, we will see the restrictive legislation...

The areas of interest include (but are not limited to - as if this isn't all bad enough): health and safety inspections (mandatory health checkups? Mandatory vaccination? Fire safety inspections? CPS inspections? Who knows?!), curriculum standards, and whether or not parents need to be credentialed or certified in order to teach at their homeschools!

What isn't clear is who exactly will be studying these issues and how they will study them? How will they gain access to our homeschools in order to determine if changes are needed? Or will they make arbitrary top down decisions based on their own 'science' and 'research?'

This bill must DIE. Now is the time to reach out to every Homeschool family that you know. Every Liberty loving friend that you know. Susan Eggman has declared war on homeschool families. She has declared war on the Constitution. We need an army.

Please, do not be fearful. Be incensed. Be committed. And be ACTIVE.

What's next? AB2926 is set to be heard in the Education Committee. I spoke with the scheduler in the Education Committee on Wednesday. She has not yet scheduled the bill. It could be heard on April 11th. Or it could be heard on April 25th. When it is heard, we need to show up en masse to protest and 'testify' in opposition. It will be a hardship for many of us.... I know. But, just keep in mind the hardships we will face if this becomes law. It makes a few trips to the Capitol look easy!

Keep on rockin!
--- End quote ---

--- Quote --- What to do right now:

1)Call Susan Eggman's office and tell her to pull this bill. Tell them you will be calling their office EVERY SINGLE DAY until she pulls this bill. Be polite, but BE FIRM. You have a Constitutional RIGHT to care for your children without undue government influence (14th amendment) and the Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld the idea that we are in charge of our children's education. AB2926 is UNDUE GOVERNMENT INFLUENCE.

Susan Eggman (916) 319-2013

2)Call the following members of the Assembly Education Committee. Urge them not to coauthor AB2926 or AB2756. Urge them to vote NO when these bills come before the Education Committee. There is no crisis in California schools calling for this overreach.

Patrick O'Donnell (916) 319-2070
Kevin Kiley (916) 319-2006
Rocky Chávez (916) 319-2076
Ash Kalra (916) 319-2027
Kevin McCarty (916) 319-2007

3)Tweet this graphic to all CA legislators....

4)If you have not done so already, call your legislators and URGE them not to coauthor this bill. There is no issue with homeschool in California. We do not need more laws. They should turn their focus to the public school system which currently ranks 44th in the country and where children are abused by teachers on an almost daily basis.

You have two state legislators. Call them both. You can find them here:
--- End quote ---

Due to a campaign of unrelenting phone calls, by just tons of parents, to all CA assemblymen, she has ammended the bill. This is not sufficient, nothing short of pulling it will satisfy the parents, so now all the parents need to re-call all the assemblymen and let them know this. Eggman is hoping her fellow assemblymen will think they can now safely sign.

SO, California, even if you do not have homeschooled kids, please write or call you representatives ! Call the respresentatives on the ed committees ! Week from friday is when they will be making decisions.

--- Quote ---(c) On or before July 1, 2020, the advisory committee established pursuant to subdivision (b) shall make recommendations to the Superintendent and the state board on the appropriateness and feasibility of imposing on a home school additional requirements, which shall include, but are not limited to, all both of the following:

(1)Health and safety inspections.
(1) Minimum qualifications for home school instructors.
(2) Additional, specific Additional content or curriculum standards.

(3)Certification or credentialing of teachers.
--- End quote ---

I bolded stuff there, not limited to means that the committee can add back in any item they want, including deciding to require inspections, so basically ammending the bill has done nothing. Even just what it specifically itemizes is problematic.  Minimum qualifications for instructors ? This means minimum qualifications for parents to teach their own children ! A certain education level completed? An IQ test ? Courses in education theory ?  I cant think of anything that would be appropriate. Additional content ? If these families wanted the content offered in public school, they would have the kids there !

Here is the reality, if the homeschooled children want to pass a high school equivalency test, then they will meet at least those content standards. If they want to get into 4 year college or junior college, then they will be at least up to those standards. You may ask, why would they care ? Well, they want to work and have a life, so employers have standards, they want a high school diploma, and some want college course work. SO, there are already content and standards that the young people have incentive to reach. And they do, at much higher rates than public schooled students ! We dont even need to require yearly standardized tests, although many homeschool parents do utilize them, as there is this requirement of where they need to be at the end already in place.

This bill has been pulled by the sponsor.

If any of you Californians are reading this, it was pulled not because it was a bad idea and wasnt needed, although it was both of those things.  It was pulled because of unrelenting pressure, daily, organized phone calls.  And, small meetings set up in each district with many representatives with concerned parents.

If we were this organized and unrelenting about gun restricting bills, they would get pulled too -- not the early ones everyone wanted, I mean the latest crazy ones.

out west dave:
I missed this happening originally, but thanks for posting.



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