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Cascadia 9.2 earthquake: 318 years ago this evening

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Mr. Bill:
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has created a fascinating animation, using their real-time tsunami forecast software, of the probable motion of the 1/26/1700 tsunami wave across the Pacific in the 24 hours following the quake:

damn scary

reading full- rip right now, awesome and thought provoking read.
cool vid,  good vids in the side bar too.
this book.

Atomic Punk:
Relatively low odds, bit i figured the extra $50 a year for earthquake insurance on my house was worth it.

TED talk from OSU geologist about the "discovery" that the PNW is actually due for a magnitude 9+ earthquake.

He's also featured in this CBS segment:

  - On a preparedness scale of 1 to 10 the PNW is maybe a 1.

  - 33% chance the next one hits within 50 years.

  - Minimum 10k deaths, many, many more if the beaches are crowded during tourist season.


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