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Evacuations in Yakima County due to cracks at Rattlesnake Ridge

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Billie D:
Not looking good

Hoping this does not become another 2014 Oso. 

Mr. Bill:
From the Yakima Herald:

Majority hold off on call to evacuate near Rattlesnake Ridge

Watching, waiting for Rattlesnake Ridge slide

About 8 or 10 miles east of that an old airstrip/training area.  When I was in the Army, we did an exercise at that training center and got to land C-130 on the strip and setup our comms van and gear. In one of the hangers were 3 of the planes from the movie "Always".  This was back in 92 or 93, so I don't know if they are still there or not.   But it is one of my fondest memories from the Army during my Stint at Ft Lewis. 

There is a video of the crack taken from a drone or something. It would seem the crack is probably the responsibility of the aggregate pit adjacent to it.
Over excavation or blasting.

"Many residents, of modest means, are reluctant to leave — likely out of concern of finding replacement housing."

I'd say 99% of people would be worried about finding replacement housing in this housing market, not just ones of "modest means".
Scary looking crack, that is a lot of terra firma that could be looking for a new home. And with as bare as it is, there's pretty much zero vegetation holding the ground together.


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