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Utility Knives, Box Cutters, Razor Blades: What do you like to use?

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I've got the Milwaukee (2nd from the top) and love it. It's my go too blade around the house.

David in MN:
Lenox blades would be my favorite in a perfect world. Where I live (very imperfect) I got packs of 100 Stanley blades on sale at Fleet Farm. The 10 packs I bought might last a while...

I guess I'm not that picky.

I keep two or three of the cheapest utility knives I can find around the house in junk drawers and on my workbench.   I put a Kobalt folding utility knife in my pocket when i'm working around the yard.

I do not like to spend a lot on these.   I almost consider them disposable.   I use them whenever i have to cut anything I don't want to ruin my EDC blade on.  If they break or wear out...just go get another.   

So, if people had to pick one hard use and one light what would it be?

Based on my limited, amateur, experience:

If by hard use you mean bomb-proof indestructibility, able to take hard knocks and still be functional:  Stanley 99E, $7

If hard use is in and out of my hands every few minutes, switching blades every hour, comfortable in the hand all day:  that fat-ass Milwaukee, $11

If light use means small and compact:  Gerber, $12

If light means cheap and functional:  99E, because what's out there for less than $7?

The 99E will unscrew with a dime into 5 pieces: the two halves of the body, the screw, the blade carrier, and the blade.  If you've got crap inside that's screwing up the ability to retract and extend the blade, you can fully access that area and clean it out. 

The slippery smooth Milwaukee is held together with 4 torx screws and I've never been inside it to see how complicated the blade carrier/quick release mechanism is, but I know it's not going to be a simple as the 99E.  The blade compartment is polymer, which is sturdy but still presents a weak link, and once that's gone, both the blade storage and 60% of the handle goes with it.


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