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Interested in a Knife Sharpening course by Patrick Roehrman

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--- Quote from: amadeus on March 23, 2016, 04:43:25 PM ---
I'm near Hamburg, and would be interested. Really busy this time of year - winter would be better for me, but you never know.

--- End quote ---

June isn't going to work out I am afraid, however I will still be looking for a good opportunity to do it another time. If you would like to email me I can add you to the contacts once we find a good time for it to work out for everyone!

Thank You,

Howdy All,

If there is interest for a class in this area at a future date, communicate among yourselves and present a set of dates to Patrick.
Patrick will relay same to me and I will try to fit it in.
Please bear in mind that for both Patrick and myself, significant travel time is involved.
I will be on site for the original dates set tending to other work in progress.
If any of you wish to shake hands and get acquainted, PM me for contact information.

That is all.


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