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Was at the grocery store this morning, saw a stocker going over food items on the shelf.  He was filling up a cart full of pudding and jello.  All the boxes had expired within the past week or less.   I asked him what he was going to do with it.  THrow it in the trash.  Not in a dumpster but in the compactor.   WHAT a shame! 

They should give that food to a homeless shelter or SOMETHING !! But, the way things are anymore, the homeless would then probably turn around and sue the shelter for giving them out of date food.

Can you imagine the mess that is going to make in the compactor?

In such a case I would ask if the stocker would be willing to toss it all into a bag and take it outside for me to scoop up when I am done spending money in their store. If they seem unsure I would probably swing by the management office when they are not obviously swamped and politely ask if they would be willing to discard such goods into the trunk of my car. They still have to pay for someone to haul it away so provided you approach them right and they are not unreasonable they will usually OK it.

Morning Sunshine:
our foodbank will not take "expired" food.  which I think is just silly - it is still good - I would eat it, if I was still eating canned and processed foods!


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