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any plans to do screen printed BBQ aprons?  Im in the market and would buy one and with summer coming soon, would seem to be a natural.

A picture of Jack in front of all his "prep-food" ;)

Capt Caveman,

Here you go, try one of these and get a TSP patch for it. ;D


Sister Wolf:
:D  Those are pretty cool!!!!!  But they're a little on the expensive side.  Not saying they're not worth it, they certainly look awesome, and are probably higher quality fabric, and with cooler tacticool pouches than anything we'll have, but I get the feeling that there aren't very many TSP folks who would be down with spending $45 + $5.50 (for a patch) just for an apron.

Anyway, yeah, we can do TSP aprons, for sure.  Should we put a special food-inspired slogan on it?

OH!!!  I have an idea!!!!!!  OKAY - Starting now and going through the end of January, we'll have a contest in this thread.  The best TSP/food inspired slogan entry will win a SureFire G2 Flashlight, a TSP Challenge Coin, and the apron we end up making.

"Bringing Out My Inner Fire Ant!"


"Grilling- when times are tough, or even when they're not!"



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