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Sister Wolf:
We've had a bunch of requests for the title of this thread lately.  More than we've had about any other one product.

So what if we did something a la...

The website URL is still there at the very bottom of the back of the shirt, in small letters.  I wanted it there, but I also wanted those of you who are going stealth to be able to hide it (which you can do by tucking the shirt in).

What say you, oh my lovable rabble rousers?  ;)

Love it but......

Think the black ant on the tan t shirt (like the caps) would be even cooler.

Sister Wolf:
okay, lemme do one up real quick, and y'all can choose.

Sister Wolf:
here's the front of the khaki tee

Sister Wolf:
and here's the back (forgive me - I couldn't find a pic of the actual color of the tee from the back side, so we just have to imagine that this is the back, not the front.  And the bottom is shaped really weird in the photo because of the moron designers who thought it would be cool to put the shirt at an angle.  I promise the website will look waaaaayyyyyyyy nicer than that at the bottom.  Just like in the od green version).


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