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Sister Wolf:
Hey guys!

We found 3XL t-shirts that we're going to have made, and I'm sitting here trying to decide how many to order, and I'm sorta lost - so I need your help.

How many of you need a size LARGER than XXL (that's 2X)?  If you need/want one or more let us know in this thread.  EVEN IF YOU'VE TOLD ME BEFORE IN A PM.  I get so many PMs every day, and so many emails that I found it extremely time consuming and difficult to go through my folders to try to find which people just wanted a larger shirt.

If you need a special size - let us know here.  I remember one guy saying he was a 5X Tall (or something like that).  I need that size again, so that I can make sure to order it.

I can get 3X, 4X, and 5X, and those extra sizes (petit, and tall) too.  If you don't tell me in the next 2 weeks or so how many you intend on getting (of the black TSP shirt, which you can see on the TSP Gear Shop here:, and what sizes you really, really want - I can't order them!  So tell us.  Please.  ;)


Edited because I have apparently forgotten how to complete my sentences.

Thanks Sis !!

I would get 2 of the T-shirts in 3XL TALL. If you don't get enough of a demand to justify the special biggie.
You specifically mentioned the black shirts......does this mean you have other colors in the works?


Hare of Caerbannog:
I'll take one in 3X. Black if available.
But I can't order it until January.
If you can hold one for me until after Jan1 I will drop you the order and the money.
I'll be ordering a couple things in January.

Sister Wolf:

--- Quote from: Fred_47460 on December 06, 2009, 12:56:33 PM ---You specifically mentioned the black shirts......does this mean you have other colors in the works?

--- End quote ---

Indeed we do!  We're working on a "t-shirt club" sort of thing, where we offer a new t-shirt in a new color every once in a while, and don't place the order for them until we sell out (like, say, we cap the order at 50 of that t-shirt, and we order them in the sizes that you guys want, and ONLY order 50 - or whatever).

So for example, maybe we do a t-shirt with the logo from the backside of the challenge coin (with the ant and the website and the latin phrase), but we do the t-shirt in dark brown or something.  Or maybe we do a black and gray version of the TSP logo and do it on an OD green shirt.  Or maybe we do a completely new set of artwork.  *shrugs*  somethin' like that.

--- Quote from: Hare of Caerbannog on December 06, 2009, 12:58:19 PM ---I'll take one in 3X. Black if available.

--- End quote ---

Yup, they'll be in Black.  And it's totally fine if you don't order till January, or even February.  As long as I know that you INTEND to order it at some point, I'll order at least one in your size.

Hi Sis

I will be after a 3xl T with just the Val head and no web address if this is still a plan?  I was waiting for a few more bits n bobs to come online and then place an order all together to keep the postage down to the UK.


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