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Sister Wolf:
Okay - Starting RIGHT NOW, we're running 2 specials that you guys need to know about.

#1: TSP PACKAGE DEAL : We wanted to do something special for you guys for the holidays, and now we've done it! The deal goes a little something like this: You want more for your money? You got it. We're offering you a T-shirt (in your choice of sizes), a challenge coin, a 3.5" sticker, a 6" sticker, and a patch ALL FOR $34.99! (Note: XXL t-shirt sizes bring the price up to $36.99). This package would normally cost you $44.50 (or $46.50 if you're a XXL t-shirt person). That's almost TEN DOLLARS off. So basically, you get your challenge coin thrown in for free, and an extra 50 cents off on top of that. This deal WILL NOT last. In fact, we can only run it for a week, because if we run it for longer, we'll lose our bums on it. ;) So ORDER YOUR TSP SPECIAL PACKAGE NOW, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

You can find that here:

#2: SPECIAL CHALLENGE COIN DEAL: Heavy, Cast antiqued brass Coins are now available for pre-order at the AWESOME price of $9.00 a piece, or 6 for $49.99 (that's $5 off), or 10 for $79.99 (that's $10 off).

You can find that here:


I can't wait for my new ATM/Debit caed to arrive!! :o

Can't pass up a great deal! Just ordered


Sister Wolf:
Thanks, guys!  ;D

I didn't see the xmas special in the store... is it too late?


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