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Whos goodies have arrived

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Sister Wolf:
I know, hon, I'm sorry.  *hugs*  I got some cows you can palpate in the meantime! *tries to look chipper and hopeful*  ;)


--- Quote from: TwoBluesMama on December 03, 2009, 07:14:24 PM ---Got DH's t-shirt and sticker today. Thanks SW for the quick turn-around but I have to wait :'( for my ant hat and it's killing me to wait. Want to wear it and see if people ask what it means. 

--- End quote ---

I know where you're coming from. A hat I ordered from David Wendell should be arriving any day now :P

Got my T-shirt today.  I can't wait to wear it to work next week!

A Pawn:
Got mine!....'tanks' Sis...

The patches are so cool. Can't wait to have them sown onto some hats... 8)

Sister Wolf:
YAY!!!!!  Take pictures, guys!  We want to see you in your TSP gear!


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